Does my Small Business need HR Software?

by | Apr 26, 2023

Yes, That’s the short answer.

The most valuable resource you have as a small Business is your people, which you can manage using an HR Software. In other words, while it may seem unnecessary to many small business owners, it’s actually the opposite. HR Software can be really useful to even the smallest  of companies: at the very least, it can save you time and money.


What is HR Software and why is it important to Small Businesses?

HR Software often referred to as Human Resource Information System (HRIS) or Human Resource Management System (HRMS) helps you to effectively manage your employees, especially administration processes and compliance.

It’s the key to streamlining your HR and running an efficient small business. When let’s  face it, time and resources are already limited. So, if you’re currently drowning in a pool of spreadsheets you may want to reconsider your HR administration processes.


What are the benefits of using HR software for a small business?

There is no denying that a business of any size will benefit from HR Management software, and ideally, your chosen solution should scale with your business as it grows.

According to the PWC HR Tech Survey 2020. 74% of companies intend to increase their HR Technology spending in the coming years.

So, how can a good Human Resource management System (HRMS) help your small business? Lets take a look


Looking for an HR Software?

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Reduced HR administration and manual processing errors

You can reduce administration and finally get rid of those filing cabinets and spreadsheets by using an HR software solution and eliminating the need for paper information.

By automating the most basic processes you will free up valuable time for your employees to focus on what is most important.

Even better, with cloud HR solution, your employees can keep required information such as Emergency contacts, bank details  from wherever they work at any time via employee self service (ESS).



Easy reporting and tracking of all types of absences

Using a leave management system, you can set up a simple approval workflow between your employees and managers. This means that employees can request a holiday or work from home, as well as long sickness or any other type of absence through a secure online portal.

Managers can then use HR software to monitor and track holidays or sickness as well as conduct more advance reporting, which is critical for managing employee wellbeing. you can even track employee time by using timesheets to track employee work hours.


Secure employee information

With the implementation of GDPR in recent years, it has become clear how critical it is to maintain data security, privacy and regulatory compliance at all times. Moving your HR to the cloud and enabling additional layers of security such as Two-factor authentication or single sign-on gives you added peace of mind that your company data is secure.
You’ll also be able to restrict access to sensitive information by locking down specific parts of the system.

Centralized  Company Knowledgebase

No matter the size of your business, it is critical that employees have access to certain company documents and policies to remain compliant. You can ensure that the most recent version is surfaced, acknowledged, or read through certain system checklist or notifications by having a central database for all these.


Smooth integrations with your current working tools.

A good HR platform will enable you integrate with other business tools such as QuickBooks, Productivity tools an applicant tracking system, Payroll and collaborative tool you already use for your business so you always be in the loop.

Ensuring integrations with your existing solutions will give you an end-to-end approach to your HR and make certain that the productivity and security of your chosen HR tech solution is fully optimized.


How do I get started with HR and software for my SMB?

Humanagement provides HR software that grows with your business. We’ve partnered with small businesses and Startups to fulfil their HR needs. Our costumers come from a variety if industries including Marketing services, consulting firm, Hospitality and Technology.

Our Attendance management feature and core HR management software is fully customizable and tailored to your business needs. What’s more, our solutions incorporate valuable integrations with a number of tools using Zapier

A free account gives you access to your very own company’s knowledgebase to host all your company polices, HATs and courses.

Signup for free to see if Humanagement is right for your small business. No credit card required.


All-in-one Simple HR Software Solution

Humanagement is an all-in-one solution for managing your employee data and performance, onboarding ,Time Tracking , and helping your business thrive.

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