Zenefits Vs Humanagement: Which HR Management Software is Right for Your Business?

by | Aug 8, 2023

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One thing Humanagement and Zenefits have in common is that they’re both cloud-based HR Software that can help you manage both your business and employees. But what are those distinctive features that make them both uniquely good tailored for your organizations needs? In this article, we’ll answer those burning questions including cost and set-up time.

Zenefits is a user-friendly human resources (HR) software platform that offers strong features centered on benefits administration, payroll and talent management. Zenefits can help businesses shop for benefits packages that go beyond just health insurance. The service provides a great user experience for employee self-service of benefits including throughout the benefits enrollment process. Businesses of any size can utilize Zenefits, although businesses offering health insurance and other employee benefits will get the most out of the software.

Humanagement All-In-One Employee Management

Humanagement is a comprehensive employee management software that helps CEOs, Execs and HR managers manage both their business and employees effectively. it  aims to make staff meetings and business organization easier by providing an easy-to-use interface that’s clean, intuitive, and appealing.

It has a fully functional  and customizable time tracking and leave request feature to help both managers and employee track/approve their PTO requests. it allows companies to keep track of Policy Management, Compliance, and Staff Training, which can be done on auto-pilot. The software also helps companies save time and stress by providing fully automated functions for creating and storing video policies, compliance audit logs, tracking productivity and business analytics, Time Sheets and Paid time offs. It also allows for integration with other software via Zapier, clock in & out and assign PTO allocations, records Geolocation data reporting.


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Humanagement Features

Humanagement offers a fully functional Leave tracking/Approval Process ControlAttendance Tracking, Employee data management, Statistics with full integration with other tools,  a robust Knowledge base for Learning & Development, checklist for Onboarding, Performance Management, Reporting/Analytics, seamless and policy development.


Zenefits Features

Zenefits provides HR software solution for benefits administration, timekeeping, payroll and performance management.

Benefits administration compliance is Zenefits most functional feature for businesses shopping for employee benefits and compensation plans.


Did You Know?

Humanagement can do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to Statistics and KPI integration and management,  Employee training and Policy management. With its robust course center for easy course creation, self paced learning and users tracking process.


Humanagement users says it’s usability is very intuitive and it currently holds a 5 star rating on the software advice. It has a responsive easy-to-navigate dashboard that allows users to easily manage their businesses and employees, keep up with important stats, requests, policies and courses including important celebration dates, relieving them of the stress and frustration of employee management.

Zenefits platform is also user-friendly and intuitive. The Zenefits homepage provides an overview of your current tasks, alerts and team members. The task list makes it easy for both managers and employees to keep up with any required paperwork, benefits enrollment deadlines and performance management activities


Humanagement offers a clear and transparent pricing structure. Other competitors require business owners to contact a sales agent for a customized quote. This can be frustrating for small businesses that want to know if the software is within their budget.  Humanagement offers  a forever free plan for its users, unlike it’s competitor’s.

Humanagement offer the following packages:

Premium:  For $5 per user billed monthly, this package provides access to unlimited stats and KPI, Articles and policy storage, Automated employee training and courses, checklists, Attendance and time-off tracking.


  • Purchase request  at $10 per month (No fee per employee)
  • Knowledge base Storage: $10 per month for a 5gb knowledge base video/ recording storage (No fee per employee)


Zenefits offers the following packages:

  • Essentials: For $8 per employee, per month (billed annually) or $10 per employee per month (billed monthly), this package provides access to onboarding, employee management, time-off tracking and scheduling tools. It also includes access to integrations and the Zenefits mobile app.
  • Growth: For $16 per employee per month (billed annually) or $20 per employee, per month (billed monthly), businesses can get everything in the Essentials plan, plus the compensation management and performance management features.
  • Zen: For $21 per employee, per month (billed annually) or $27 per employee, per month (billed monthly), businesses can get everything in the Growth plan, plus employee well-being and employee engagement surveys as well as people hub features.

Zenefits also offers the following add-ons:

  • Payroll: $6 per employee, per month
  • Recruiting: $35 per month billed annually or $62 per month billed monthly
  • Advisory services: $8 per employee per month (billed annually) or $10 per employee per month (billed monthly)
  • Benefits administration using your own broker: $5 per employee per month


All-in-one Simple HR Software Solution

Humanagement provides an all solution for managing your employee data and performance, onboarding ,Time Tracking , and helping employees thrive.



Our Recommendation

We’ll recommend Humanagement for business from as low as 5 employees. Humanagement is scalable and will grow with your company. If you currently don’t have an HR department or personnel, Humanagement can feel in that gap with easy employee database management, attendance and time-off tracking with easy stats and KPI management.

We’ll recommend Zenefits  for businesses that want to start offering employee benefits, Midsize businesses that want multilevel goal-setting and performance management tools and companies that want transparent and standardized pricing rather than customized packages.

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