Austin Kerr



Austin Kerr is the highly motivated founder of Humanagement. a revolutionary software that simplifies HR processes for companies. With his extensive experience in various industries, Austin has become an expert in managing teams and streamlining processes.

Early Career

Kerr started his professional journey in the music industry, serving as a full time tour manager for eight years. During this time, he gained valuable insights into the importance of hiring and managing teams. Especially Important when each person you hire will be in close quarters with you for the next three months.

Amusement Park Executive

Next, Austin took on a senior executive role at an amusement park. He oversaw the hiring of over 400 employees in a single month and handled daily challenges such as rapid hiring and managing guest and employee injuries.

Consultant Services

After his experience at the amusement park, Austin provided consultant services to businesses of all sizes across multiple industries. His ability to refine processes and build effective teams led him to join Equity & Help, a real estate investment startup. Under his leadership, the company became an Inc 500 company for three consecutive years and helped provide home ownership for over 600 families.


Making HR Easier Determined to make his mark, Austin used his HR and management experience to create Launched in mid-2020, the software improves work for owners, HR professionals, and employees. Humanagement makes it easier for companies to manage their teams and streamline HR processes.