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Why do You need Humanagement?

As a manager or HR, juggling multiple tasks can be overwhelming. Get a partner to simplify operations and unleash your full potential with Humanagement. With cutting-edge automation tools, focus on driving your business forward, not on mundane tasks. Revolutionize the way you work, reduce stress and uncertainty. Start now and realize your true potential..

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I work at a small company where each of us are wearing many hats. A lot of the time, my workload is heavy and unpredictable, which makes it hard to stay organized. However, I started with Humanagement.io and it has made my life so much easier!

Roxy K

CEO of Voicercise

Humanagement has quickly become one of the stable tools for managing the company, with 30+ employees, keeping track of stats and a efficient knowledge base is a must, I highly recommend this software!

Spencer Waters

IT manager of Equity & Help Inc

This has definitely made my staff meetings and business organization SOOO much easier. I love the fact that I can see all the stats, the graphs, get pay requests, etc. I’d been looking for a solution like this forever, and I’m so glad that we have this now. Love Wiseman!

Johnathan Miller

CEO of IFlow Creative

Your Company Before & After Humanagement


Before Humanagement

HR data is a burden, you start keeping track of things in physical files, or google doc, only to soon find your files are a mess and when you need that w4 or ethics report you spend hours looking for it and asking co workers.

After Humanagement

HR data is easy, you have a straightforward location to keep track of all your files, and there are designated fields for the most critical information. This ensures you know exactly what to keep track of, so when the information is needed, it is readily accessible.


Before Humanagement

Employee requests for guidance, approval, and time off often arrives when you’re busy. While it’s important to respond to them, it’s easy to forget, leading employees to feel neglected and unimportant.

After Humanagement

Requests come in nice organized ways. You get notifications when they arrive and they always have enough information to make the decision on your terms. PTO, Raises, Decisions that come up on work that needs approvals. With Humanagement It’s sorted.


Before Humanagement

Every business owner knows how important ‘knowing your numbers’ is. But excel does a poor job of helping you analyze the data. you’re limited to manual updates. Or you use your CRM or Analytics software, but then the data is separate and you can’t get the metrics you need.

After Humanagement

You have one place intuitive place to see all your stats.
Manual updated stats, integrated stats from your favorite software, advanced calculations for new powerful metrics


Before Humanagement

Every new employee takes hours of your personal time to train right, just for them to quit and you have to find a new person and do all the hatting one on one again

After Humanagement

You can record hat’s from your phone, write policies on your time, you have one simple effortless system to track policies and edits in line with read receipts. You get the full picture of which policy all your employees have read.


Before Humanagement

Employees spend money without approval, or supplies and office needs pile up with unsure employee leading to expensive unneeded workarounds. You try to manage it all but know you’re wasting money but not sure why or where.

After Humanagement

Organized Purchase Requests come in, you get to look at your income and compare how much you have to spend, money is dispersed at one time giving you planning and prediction on your expenses.



We’re happy to offer all of the features you need to manage a company and it’s employees with Humanagement!

Clock In/Out

Track employees time easily and efficiently. Export the data so you can import it into your payroll software. No more chasing employees for their hours or time card every week. Plus Time Off Management!

Org Chart

Get clarity of your organization! With our intuitive org chart feature, it will be automatically created as you add your employees in. Further customize with drag and drop functionality and easy editing

Knowledge Base

The #1 waste of company’s time, is time spent refiguring out knowledge someone already had. With KB that’s a thing of the past. Both quick ref and assignments!

Employee Requests

A system to track all of the different requests employees make, It will allow your employees to feel and be heard. No longer will you be plagued by random requests.

Employee Files & Data

Employee documents seems easy, until it’s not. These files quickly pile up then take hours to sort out. Keep all employee files and data in one clear easy to use place.

Stat/KPI Management

Stat Management is at the heart of the majority of Fortune 500 companies. With Humanagement, We make it not just easy to enter stats, but to fully know what’s going on,


Now a days it’s not easy to manage your company in one software, We understand this and have many built in integrations via Zapier so that data can come into one hub

Purchase Requests

Many Company’s lose tons of money due to spending being done based on urgency, with PR your staff will submit expenses in a sane orderly manner so you can plan it.

Stats that make sense

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Stats
  • Always Ready Calculating Stats
  • Configurable Scaling Options
  • Have stats combine monthly by sum or avg
  • Standard Up/Down, Range, and Inverted

Manage All Your Employees Purchase Requests

  • Anyone can submit a purchase request
  • Seniors Approve PR’s Before CFO or Direct to CFO
  • Beautiful dashboard for final approval of PR’s
  • Employees and managers will be able to see PR’s Progress From Creation to Payout.

Manage All Your Employee Data In One Hub

  • Basic Information, Name, Email, Start Date, Birthday, etc
  • Private Information, Emergency Contact, SSN, Address
  • Files and Hiring Documents (W2, I9, NDNC)
  • Dashboard to contain, work-a-versary’s, birthdays and national Holidays, so you’re always on up to date